This One Time….In Italy

Today is morning three of being home after a five week study abroad course in Italy. I’m still falling asleep before nine at night and wide awake around six thirty in the morning. That is hugely not normal for me.
Italian Appetizer

It would be pretty easy to just say that the trip was the  most amazing thing ever. In fact, I have said that a few times. It isn’t quite so easy to explain why it was the most amazing thing ever.

I think my favorite reason is the people.

The professors alternate going on the trip and I think the entire group of students would agree that we had the best combination of professors this year. That isn’t to say that the other professors aren’t also awesome, just that there was some special magic this year.

The townspeople! We had such a great time with the townspeople. From playing cards with the little kids who knew no English (and our limited Italian) to learning how to properly order gelato from the Aries Cafe and lunch from the Taverna. They were awesome and we loved them so much for their kindness.

The visiting artists. It was great to hear from accomplished artists. We were very grateful that they took their time to speak with us and I couldn’t pick a favorite. A couple of us even found a stained glass artist on one of the day trips. He spent some time discussing his techniques and being an artist. I’ll elaborate later.

Finally, the group of students I travelled with was amazing. I went on this trip to improve my art, but I got so much more. Somehow we weren’t all sick of each other after spending every hour together for five weeks. I am so so grateful for the other students for enriching my experience so unexpectedly.


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