An Answer

When people ask me about myself I always feel like I have so much to say. I can’t decide what it most important to share, what can I say would most easily convey who I am?  I have this whole story about my life and it is all so interconnected and each piece so important that a simple response surely leaves something out.

       I’ve always had an interest in art. I’m working towards my Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Studio Art and a minor in Honors. Without my honors scholarship I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to major in art. This is actually the part of my life that led me to write this. I am often (read: always) asked what am I going to do with that. That being an art degree. Sometimes a perfectly normal question, I ask other students what their plans are with their degrees as normal conversation. But. Sometimes it is more of a smear against studying art. I’ve gotten into the habit of answering “Going to grad school for speech pathology.” This is true, but not a complete truth. I am studying art because I want to. I want to be well versed in the study and the practice of art. Why? Because it is a part of me. I am not a huge doodler and I haven’t quite found a medium that I call home, but I love it. I am an artist.

Do I want to support myself by creating art or by teaching others about the study or practice of art? Not particularly. I do think a life of creating art without the need of a “day job” sounds fun and romantic. But I don’t want the pressure put on my art. I want to create out of a desire to create, not a need to feed myself. Maybe that pressure is what it takes to focus me and for my art to improve, but for now I’m not worried about that. Sure, I probably could rely on my fiancé to provide for me (I can hear the disapproval now), but that would be denying another desire I have.

I want to go to graduate school to become a speech pathologist. I want to be a speech pathologist. I want to help people. Right now I am leaning towards working with kids, but that is because I have largely only worked with kids. Maybe I’ll end up working with adults. Either way, I want to be a speech pathologist and help people.


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